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Laser Grading

UNEVEN TEE SURFACES? – Profusion offers their BLEC Global Laser Grader. Create the perfect tee platforms to any fall and increase the usable area of the teeing surface, which will help to spread wear without the need for large machinery or major re-construction. The grader is the ideal solution for smaller areas that require a precision finish.


The laser grader is towed by our John Deere bunker rake or compact tractor and is fitted with our Trimble control system which collects a signal from our “Laser Plane” dual grade laser. The machine incorporates an accurate and smooth proportional valve system to ensure grading to + or – 2mm!

Typically the turf will be removed from the area to be graded. On particularly uneven surfaces rough grading will be carried out by the use of a mini excavator, followed by cultivation and addition of rootzone or sand prior to the laser grading process. Seeding or turfing follows.

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