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Blinder enables architects to design bunker faces up to an angle of 35ᵒ, as it has proven to minimize sand wash from the faces.

Blinder is completely different from all other liners. Its uses environment agency approved recycled rubber granules mixed with a binding agent throughout. The rubber granules are placed in a pan mixer together with the binding agent which gives the product great consistency and strength. The mixed product is wheeled into the bunker and laid by hand trowelling. This ensures consistency of depth and allows the product to be laid on steep faces and intricate shapes. Once laid the product takes 12-48 hours to fully cure. The product drains effectively throughout and once cured is durable and resistant to club strikes. Importantly, being a rubber based product it will not cause any damage to the golfer or the club.

The team has considered all your needs for this premium product. From consultation and site visits to specifically designed technical sheets, all have been developed to ensure that your requirements are met in full and that there is a full understanding of responsibilities. We are happy to prepare the bunker bases for you or alternatively advise you on the correct preparation of your bases prior to the installation of the product.


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We recommend that Blinder is laid over a compacted layer of Mot type 1 aggregate. This gives a dry firm base to work from and also forms a drainage medium over the surface area. Our product acts as a blinding layer which is designed to bridge between the sand and aggregate thus minimizing the chance of particles moving from one medium to another, changing the drainage characteristics of the engineered bunker base.

The team laying Blinder have experience of working on golf courses, so are fully aware of the needs of the golfers and course maintenance staff. We will work in a clean, safe and respectful manor throughout the installation process. The equipment used to mix the Blinder is small, light and easily transported around the course.

Blinder can be engineered so that it has a higher sand holding capacity on steep bunker faces and drastically reduces bunker wash.

Once Blinder has been laid it will take between 12-48 hours to fully cure. After this time it will be possible to demonstrate its strength and flexibility by playing a ball directly off it. Once the sand has been installed your bunker will be ready for play.

Can a bunker rake be used? Yes of course, Blinder is incredibly tough. Naturally it will damage if consistently run over in one area without sand protection, but if a chip of the material were to come off and end on the fine turf surface it is rubber not stone, therefore it will not damage cutting cylinders.

If at some point in the future Blinder becomes damaged, (by excavator when removing sand or constant bunker rake use over unprotected areas) we are able to send Blinder repair kits. Once the repair is complete and cured the bond will be practically as strong as when first applied.

Installing Blinder will make bunker raking easier after heavy rain and save hours of time, with reduced wash out’s, sand replacement, drainage replacement and contamination. This will enable you to concentrate your resources in other areas, improving the overall presentation of the course for the benefit of your members.

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