Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Blinder Bunker Liner & Blinder Eco Path come with any warranties or guarantees?

A. Yes, Blinder Bunker Liner has a five year guarantee, as does Blinder Eco Path. Please be aware that the long term colour of the Eco Path material cannot be guaranteed. It is a coated rubber product therefore over time the colour may fade due to foot traffic and UV light.

Q. I can see from your images that you create a ledge in the bunkers before laying the materials, why is this?

A. The ledge is excavated to the desired sand line within the bunker. The ledge is created as a base layer for rivetted turf to be placed around the perimeter of the bunker. The major benefit of the revetted turf is to prevent contamination of the bunker sand from the surrounding soils. If a vertical turf face is the desired look the rivet turf between the layers can be allowed to grow and trimmed to create a grass face or alternatively the surrounds turf can be laid over the rivet and pegged down.

Q. Can I install Blinder or Eco Path myself?

A. Whilst this may seem a cost saving exercise to do so you are not permitted to install Blinder/Eco Path yourself. The process is not as simple as it may look and the correct method and equipment must be used for total success. There may be alternative companies offering you the system out there but be aware that this is not Blinder. It is important to understand the system is based on numerous issues such as correct installation and materials being used. You would also forfeit any form of guarantee should your installation be incorrect.

Q. Can it be laid directly on to the bunker bases/pathways without the use of the recommended road stone layer?

A. We do not recommend laying Blinder directly onto the soil bunker bases. There are two reasons for this, the first being that the road stone is an integral part of the Blinder system. Having tested the system the design is based broadly around the USGA greens system whereby water passes through the layers leaving the fine particles in situ. Secondly, the road stone base allows Blinder to be laid during the winter months ensuring there is a dry and consistent base for the system.

Q. How long does it take to lay Blinder?

A. This depends on the area in question and the size of the installation team. On average with a four man team the installation crew can lay up to 200m2 of Blinder and 150m2 of Eco Path on an average 8 hour day. Take into account travelling distances and daylight hours available.

Q How long must I leave the Blinder to set before I can replace the sand?

A. We recommend that you leave Blinder/Eco Path to cure for 48 hours before replacing the sand in the bunker or allowing any traffic to come into contact with the pathway. Please also ensure that the areas of installation are clearly signposted to keep off the surfaces; ideally also rope off where possible until the surfaces have fully cured.

Q. Can I use a mechanical bunker rake in the bunkers installed with Blinder?

A. The Blinder layer is very strong and whilst we believe there would be no major problems in using them, we do not recommend using mechanical bunkers.

Q. How much does Blinder cost?

A. I can provide you with a costing but firstly let me tell how much money your club can save……

Q. Is Blinder affected by extreme cold/hot temperatures?

A. No, the correct formula for Blinder is adjusted accordingly.

Q. Is there a possibility that a golfer may damage themselves or their clubs?

A. No, because the Blinder surface is recycled rubber the material is flexible and shock absorbent.

Q. Do I need edging boards/kerbing in order to have Eco Path?

A. Yes, it is necessary to consolidate edges in a consistent manner. During the process the edging boards are primed in order for the pathway material to adhere to the edge board.

Q. What is the maximum weight limit for Eco Path?

A. Eco Path is designed for pedestrian use only, although cart buggies and light utility vehicles with turf tyres are Ok for use.

Q. How much disruption should I expect during the installation process?

A. For health & safety reasons it is desirable for the golf hole in question to be out of play during the installation.

Q. Can Blinder or Eco Path be laid during wet weather?

A. No, the binding agent is moisture curing too much water applied to the surface (heavy rain) will cause a foaming effect making the surface finish blister.

Q At what depth is Blinder laid at?

A. 25mm, with a 50mm layer of road stone.

Q. At what depth is Eco Path laid?

A. 50mm, with a 100mm layer of road stone.

Q. What is Blinder/Eco Path?

A. A recycled rubber granule or much manufactured using only Michelin lorry tyres mixed with a binding agent and laid (wet pore) over an engineered base.

Q. Does the bunker sand block the liner over time?

A. No, Having tested the system the design is based broadly around the USGA greens system whereby water passes through the layers leaving the fine particles in situ. Water passes through the Blinder layer at a rate in excess of 2800mm an hour.

Q. What if I have really steep faces in my bunkers?

A. Blinder has been laid in bunkers with faces of 45 degrees. Whilst Blinder has a proven sand holding capacity, it is unlikely that dry sand will remain on a face of more than 36 degrees as generally this is the maximum angle of repose of most bunker sands.

Q. What bunker sand should I use?

A. Blinder works with most of the available bunker sands on the market.

Q. Does Blinder affect my bunker drainage?

A. Existing drainage will need to be check for its integrity. Should it need to be updated or new drainage installed a new drainage line can be installed along the line of the bunker bases and connected to an existing drain immediately outside the bunker. Trenches should be excavated through the bunker bases at the lowest positions, 250mm wide to a depth of 300mm. A 100mm perforated pipe can be laid on the trench bed. The trench shall be backfilled with 6-10mm clean gravel. If the drainage outfall is a soak away this should be situated outside of the bunker for ease in the future. In addition we recommend the installation of a flushing point at the head of the drain, again positioned outside of the bunker.

Q. Can I prepare the bunkers/path myself before the team commence installation?

A. You can opt to prepare the areas for installation yourself. We will provide you with the technical specification sheets for guidance but you must to aware that if the preparation works on arrival of the installation team is not satisfactory this may delay your installation date. The team may have time to correct the preparation works for you but in either case you must be aware that additional charges will be made to the club for time, labour and travel costs.

Q. What should I expect on delivery of materials?

A. You will be informed of the delivery date by a member of the Blinder team well in advance. We use numerous haulage companies which depend on the country we are delivering to. We do not have our own haulage firm so the drivers do not know their loads. The materials are delivered on pallets, maximum weight of each pallet is 1 tonne. If you do not have suitable off load equipment on site you must inform the Blinder team that you require off load equipment with your delivery. Most deliveries are made on artic lorries so it is important to let the Blinder team know of any special requirements such as low bridges or restricted access. The Blinder team will inform you of what should be delivered to you in order for you to check the delivery note and material once it has arrived. If there are any discrepancies or damaged items you must mark this clearly on the delivery note and then inform a member of the Blinder team in order to correct the matter as soon as possible.

Q. What should I expect when the installation team arrives?

A. On arrival the installation team will report to the Course Manager/Superintendent and introduce themselves. The team will arrive with the installation equipment on a small trailer. In order to minimise costs (so they do not have to bring machinery etc) it is helpful if the club can provide the installation team with the use of a utility vehicle to transport the equipment trailer around the course. It is also helpful if the club has a suitable tractor/loader and trailer to transport the materials out to site. In preparation of the installation the team will set up the equipment on a covered area close to the work site. Where possible it is best advised for Health and Safety reasons that the golf hole work is to commence on is closed for play during the installation.

Q. How many clubs have you installed at?

A. We have installed Blinder at over 100 clubs.

Q. What colours are available in Blinder Eco Path?

A. You have a choice of six colours when choosing Eco Path. They are as follows: Forest Green, Earth Brown, Harvest Beige, Acorn Brown, Mahogany Red and Spring Green. You may also choose a blend of up to three of the available colours.

Q. Are there any specific instructions to follow if I prepare bunkers and pathways for your team?

A. Yes, we will provide you with technical specification sheets to follow step by step in order for the prep work to be suitable. These will be provided in advance of any installation dates. We can also help you to prepare areas in the first instance so that you are aware of the work necessary for any future installation after that. (This will be an extra cost)

Q. Can I see Blinder/Eco Path in situ elsewhere before I commit?

A. Of course, we can arrange site visits to any clubs of your choice that have Blinder or Eco Path installed.

Q. How many countries have you installed in?

A. Blinder has been installed in the UK, Germany, Madeira, Holland, Italy, Sweden Belgium & France.

Q. What’s the oldest bunker to date with Blinder installed?

A. The initial trial bunker in Surrey, 7 years ago.

Q. Have there been any issues or complaints made?

A. We are extremely proud to say there has not been one negative comment or complaint in relation to our products or the installation of them.

Q. Where do you best recommend the use of Blinder Eco Path?

A. Blinder Eco Path is suitable around the golf course for walkways & cart paths given its natural appearance. You can use Eco Path in any area according to its use, it is not advisable to use Eco Path in areas where large heavy vehicles.


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