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Whatever the sporting activity, efficient drainage is an essential element in maintaining a good playing surface. Loss of use due to waterlogging or turf damage can result in a backlog of games, dissatisfied sportsmen and women, loss of fixtures and serious financial losses.

The requirements of different sports vary. Winter sports are played when precipitation rates and general weather conditions are at their worst. For summer sports the drainage requirement may differ however the rapid removal of surface water is considered essential.

As leisure and amenity activities increase in importance so does the intensity of use of the facility together with players expectations.

Primary Drainage Systems:

A good pipe system is the basis for any drainage system. The introduction of drainage by the excavation of trenches, laying of perforated pipes and backfilling with permeable materials will play an essential role in the removal of excess water quickly. An intensive primary system will also provide the infrastructure for any subsequent secondary drainage operations.

Secondary Drainage Systems:

In order to move surface water quickly to the primary system below it may require the installation of a secondary drainage system. These systems are generally made up of shallow narrow trenches or bands of permeable material.

Profusion will be happy to assist in the planning design and installation of a system to suit your needs and budgets.

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